Your primary occupation means the job in which you have experience (in the last ten years) and want to base your immigration application when you are invited to apply.

What are occupational names?

What are occupational names?

Filter. A name, especially a family name like Smith or Taylor, which is derived from an occupation – presumably the occupation of a distant ancestor. Read also : How are occupations assigned to a pathway.

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If your profession is your name? An aptonym, aptonym or euonym is a personal name appropriate or specifically appropriate for its owner.

What is my occupation if I work in retail?

Retail sellers perform the duties of checkout areas with an additional focus on helping customers purchase and select items. … In general, there are no formal training requirements for retail sales workers, and most receive on-the-job training. On the same subject : How are occupations grouped into pathways. High school education may be required for positions that sell more complex items.

What is my job? Occupation is a general term that refers to the field or industry of which you are or the job in which you are interested. It can also relate to your role in an organization. Saying your job in an interview holds implications for you, your job, your job and your career in a single answer.

What kind of employment is retail? Retail work is any type of occupation that involves customer interaction and sales. While most people think of storefronts when they think of business, offices and online stores that sell directly to the public are also engaged in retail.

What should I put for occupation?

You can list what you feel describes your employment situation. If you are disabled, you can put disability as your occupation, or unemployment. To see also : Occupation means. The job you enter does not affect your tax return.

What is example of profession? Occupation is your job or the way you spend your time or a country to maintain a military presence in another. An example of a profession is if you are a doctor or a lawyer. An example of occupation is when the US maintains military troops in Iraq to maintain control and order.

What should I write in the profession? Your profession is the name of the profession in which you work, which would be widely recognized by people from outside the profession. A good example could be a police officer or a lawyer. Your job title is the name of the specific role you play in the organization for which you work.

What is my occupation if I am a student?

It depends on the context. But if you are a student and you do not have a job, and a form asks your profession, “student” you should enroll. To see also : What jobs qualify for student loan forgiveness. But it is not considered a profession, for example, the US Department of Labor.

Is being considered a student a job? Students are treated the same as other people; that is, they are classified as employed or unemployed if they meet the criteria, be it in school on a full- or part-time basis.

Is high school student a profession? “Student” would be a suitable description for your profession. You can also use “Lifeguard” because that was what you did for the job. Either is good. The description entered as your occupation will in no way change your tax return.

Is cashier an occupation?

Checkout counters and retail sales staff are the face of many stores. … checkout counters greet customers, call their purchases and answer questions. This may interest you : What occupations make the most money. They often handle product returns, register customers for rewards programs, and can stock or clean shelves.

Is accounting considered a profession? A checkout area is a customer service professional responsible for the day-to-day operations of a retail or department store. Some of the duties that cashiers typically have are: The operation of cashiers, product scanners and payment machines to facilitate customer purchases.

What is the occupational category of cash register? Working as a cashier is often a means of advancing to other careers in commerce. For example, with experience, cashiers can become customer service representatives or retail sales staff.

What is secondary occupation give example?

Secondary jobs include the production of things (manufacturing) e.g. make cars and steel. Tertiary jobs include the provision of a service e.g. Learning and care.

What are examples of the secondary sector? Some of the secondary sector activities are automobile production, metal processing, and foundries, chemical and engineering industries, energy supply, textile production, aerospace manufacturing, engineering, breweries and bottles, construction, and shipbuilding.

What do I put for occupation if unemployed?

The IRS is not at all picky about the “occupation”; Field. Enter the earning income you report on your 2014 return. If the unemployed use “unemployed” for the whole year. I hope this helps.

Can you be unemployed and have a job? If your working hours are reduced in any way, even if you have several jobs and you are laid off, you may qualify for partial unemployment, says Michele Evermore, senior policy analyst at the National Employment Law Project. … Many states distribute partial unemployment benefits based on your hours worked.

What should I set for my profession? Give what suits your current profession best. Common entries are: student, worker, factory worker, owner-operator, self-employed, housekeeper, unemployed, retired, etc .. What you enter as your occupation does not in any way affect the calculations in your return.

What is my occupation if I dont work?

If the individual is not employed, a descriptive title is given to explain the individual’s status as “pension”, “student”, “homemaker” or “unemployed.”

What is your profession? Your profession is your job or profession. I assume I was looking for a job that would be an adventure. Occupation: Administrative Assistant. Synonyms: Work, Work, Call, Business More Synonyms of profession.

What should I put for occupation if they are self-employed? You can use the self-employed version to make all of these entries. Your job is what you want to indicate on your tax return. It does not matter what you go for. Just enter your W-2 job.